Pranvera Këllezi advises on EU and Swiss antitrust laws, EU state aid law, unfair competition, public procurement, banking, data protection, safety and product liability laws.

Pranvera Këllezi has a strong academic background and has developed a broad expertise in EU and Swiss antitrust law and unfair competition. She advises on cooperation and JV agreements; distribution systems and IP licensing; commercial practices that may qualify as abusive or unfair. Unfair competition and consumer law is another field of expertise for Pranvera Këllezi, who advises companies on their commercial practices, contracts, and general terms of trade and communication on websites. She assists parties in litigation or arbitration by issuing legal advice on complex antitrust and unfair competition issues.

Pranvera Këllezi advises companies about handling public procurement requirements and helps them overcoming regulatory barriers to business. Over the years, she has developed a strong expertise in EU state aid law and regulations. Her background in contract and business law, and her understanding of the regulatory environment of public organisations, is an added value in the design and implementation of private-public partnerships.

Pranvera Këllezi advises on banking laws and regulations as well as on banking agreements: loans, other equity or debt instruments and collaterals. She advises on data protection as well as product liability and safety laws and regulations.